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 The Free Press strives to provide content of interest to our readers, and to promote the exchange of ideas. The only way for us to do this is if you respond! You can take part in the dialogue by leaving comments on specific articles, or you can send a letter to the editor with more general comments, suggestions, criticism or praise using the form below or by email to Letters to the editor are printed on the editorial page of the next print edition and posted on the website. The Free Press reserves the right to edit letters for length and clarity. 

The Free Press does not publish unsigned letters. All letters must include the author’s name, contact information and New School affiliation including academic year, if any, and must be under 400 words. Letters received after Wednesday of the week of publication will not be considered for the next print edition, but will still be posted on the website. 


 The New School Free Press is committed to accurate reporting, but we acknowledge that our reporters and editors sometimes make mistakes. If you notice something inaccurate in a story, please submit a correction using the form below. Once we confirm the error, we will print the correction on the Editorial page in the next print edition and at the end of the story in question on the website.

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